Since the beginning of this week  the Kyrgyz media. Have been subject to attacks from security agencies. On Monday, January 15. The State Committee for National Security accused. The publication of “war propaganda.” Security service officers searched the editorial office and interrogated the management of the news agency. The next day, the police intervened.

the online projects Ait Ait Dese and Temirov Live were targeted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Initially, it was announced that a case was opened against these media for calls for mass riots. Of course, such facts could not go unnoticed by the public. “Fergana” looked at how they responded to the next wave of repressions against our colleagues in Kyrgyzstan itself and beyond.

Kyrgyzstan is turning


Socialist competition among security forces. The new round of threats to freedom of speech in Kyrgyzstan should be viewed through. The prism of two different cases. The first is related to the State Committee for National Security’s attack”on The intelligence service opened a case against this news publication under the article WaPropaganda. Moreover, as is customary among

local investigators Country Email List it is unknown which text attracted their attention. However, back on Monday, when media leaders were taken away for interrogation, the portal’s editor-in-chief Makhinur Niyazova managed to share her assumptions. In her opinion, the reason for the “criminalization” was publications about military operations in Ukraine. After the search, security officers confiscated computers and other office equipment, as well as the mobile phones of all editorial staff. This fact suggests that the State Committee for National Security intends to conduct a thorough check of not only work materials, but also personal correspondence.



The voice of one crying on the Internet

Let us add that on January 15, the leaders of spent more than eight hours in the office of the special service, without lawyers, who were not allowed into the building. The journalists were eventually released after signing a non-disclosure agreement. However, two days later

the story continued – the director of the publication, Asel Otorbaeva, and the chief editor, Makhinur Niyazova, were again “invited” to a conversation. A few hours later, the women left the investigator’s office the same way they entered it, in the status of witnesses WS Phone List However, as their lawyer said , the journalists are expected to be summoned for questioning again. Bolot Temirov. Photo from The episode with the Temirov Live project is worth considering separately. The leaders here are representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who seem to have staged a “socialist competition” with the State Committee for National Security on the subject of who will bring more journalists to criminal liability.


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