For all companies that want to establish solid relationships with followers and prospective customers, it is important to consider the content marketing tool as a strategy in which if you transmit information about what you sell or do in an ingenious and attractive way, it practically guarantees success in the company. Carrying out appropriate content marketing strategies also helps generate traffic to web pages, appear in search engines and increase visits on social networks. Screenshot 2018-05-30 at 10.29.34 am Content marketing is a fundamental part of Inbound Marketing, which consists of understanding exactly the that users have and thus creating and sharing useful information that draws the attention of the different target segments in order to attract them and convert them into customers. Said content can be share through: Articles : Write articles and publish them on third-party social networks to get links to your website.

What is content marketing?

Blogs : Create and publish content on your own social networks and website. Email marketing : Disseminate relevant content via email. Infographics : Representing in a very visual way the information you want to make known. Consists of putting very attractive Phone Number Database images for users and less information. SMO (Social  Optimization) : Using the most popular social platforms to promote a brand such as Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, Link, etc. Video marketing : Very short videos (approximately 30 seconds). To promote your products and/or services. 4 keys to generating a successful Content Marketing strategy In order to develop. A successful Content Marketing strategy, we share 4 fundamental keys. Define objectives and metrics Before developing the content. It is extremely important to define the goal of your campaigns and this is done through objectives. Which will help you define the type of content you should create and not just create for the sake of creating.

4 keys to generating a successful Content Marketing strategy

This must be constantly monitor so that you can act in time if you have to make modifications. Define the target of your content. The essence of content marketing. Consists of knowing your target audience and knowing exactly. Which segment to target, which 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers will allow you to develop content more easily. This is what buyer personas are for, helping you define a specific profile of your audience. Create quality and interesting content In accordance with the theme of our brand. Users are going to search for certain content, which is why interesting information. Must be provide to attract the attention of users and ensure that the information. Is true and of quality so as not to damage the prestige of the brand. product and/or service. It is also important not only to generate text in the content but also to try to make it attractive by adding. Representative and attractive images to generate greater interest.

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