A collection of AI marketing cases for 2024

Since the introduction of chat gpt last year. I have felt that ai technology is being applied to work in a truly diverse range of fields. Naturally, attempts to apply ai technology to marketing are seen here and there. And we have confirmed that they are leading to actual results . In this content, we have collected ai marketing cases to help you establish a more competitive marketing strategy in 2024. 1. A case of generative ai marketing that increased roas through automation of creative production although sns advertising. Including facebook and instagram, is less efficient than before.

A case of generative AI marketing that increased 

It is still an important channel for most e-commerce marketers. In particular, as the efficiency of targeting advertising has decreased. The task for performance marketers is to test hypotheses and maximize efficiency based on more Belgium Phone Number Datadiverse advertising materials and settings . Among ai technologies, ‘generative ai’, which received particular attention last year. Can be used in marketing to produce a variety of advertising materials more quickly. Many people have already experienced and are actively using the system. Which allows them to create plausible drafts of advertising text, detailed pages.And even blog posts just by entering appropriate planning details as a prompt.

Digging into AI marketing, which feels amazing but vague


You can check this related part in more detail in the content published at the time. <can e-commerc e marketing also utilize chat gpt?> . Jay kids – achieved 2,570% roas with generative ai-produced video material among actual corporate cases. The children’s clothing brand jay kids, which ran advertisements using existing photo-centered material. Switched to video Australia Phone Number List material through generative ai and improved roas, caught our eye. According to our own analysis, the success was due to exposing various product images in a short period of time through video material and using colors and typography that are easy to see at a glance. It is said that an amazing roas of 2,570%.

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