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A department This is important because the higher the relevance of the product, the higher the likelihood that it will be purchas. And this ultimately increases profits. sale Dependence of sales on product relevance during crossselling There are several tools that help you identify relevant products for crosssellingCommodity matrix. Suitable for a small assortment. When there are more than combinations, and they are constantly replenish, this method is almost impossible to implement.

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A department nor Machine learning Cyprus WhatsApp Number List Suitable for sites with everyday goods. For a dynamic foodtech market, where constant changes occur and seasonal new products appear, this method is expensive and takes a lot of time to implement. Issuance in a random order, taking into account data on purchase statistics in various sections. The best option in terms of its cost and spe of implementation. They decid to use it in Chocofood. The Chocofood team analyz competitors and implement a random selection of products.

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Using Amplitude, we mark the page Saudi Arabia Phone Number with events to track the patterns and effectiveness of changeswhat the user add to the cart and for what amount, what he chose from what was offer in the Over time, the Chocofood and Amplitude product teams collect data and conduct indepth analytics in the following sectionswhat is most often add from crossselling; what differences are there by city; how many positions are add from crosssales; what is the viewing depth? Thanks to the implementation of product analytics, the Chocofood team receiv the following TOP positions for campaigns, regardless of what is offer and in which establishment. products . Ready list of settings/filters for internal by city; restaurant groups (fast food, Georgian, chains.

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