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A free portal The Chocofood product team notic that most often the search in the application return an incorrect result to the user’s request. It was not possible to understand why this happens and correct the situation using the existing functionality. Therefore, it became obvious that we ne a search adapt to the specifics of the service, and deep monitoring of user activity metrics. The team began a largescale project to create their own search and optimize it. We work in several stagesWe launch our own search and tagg it with user events.

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We conduct indepth analytics and found the reasons for incorrect search results, which ruce conversion to purchase. We compar the indicators Vietnam WhatsApp Number List before and after the appearance of our own search. Stage launching your own search and the first results of implementing product analytics It was important for the Chocofood team not only to launch its own search results, but also to monitor the analytics of user actions. This was suppos to help build hypotheses bas on the data obtain to optimize the product line, presentation of dishes and establishments.

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Once Chocofood had develop their own Indonesia Phone Number search engine results solution, the next step was to tag the page with user events using Amplitude. The main actions that the user performs in the service answer the questionsSearch page with an example query in Chocofood Collecting this data helps the Chocofood product team build reports in Amplitude and see, for example, the trend of each dish what users are looking for most often, and what demand is falling. It helpsidentify seasonality; monitor trends; set up the delivery of dishes and establishments. For example, the Segmentation report allows you to track purchases in a specific food category.

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