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The leader of the fall, understandably, was re-store.ru: − positions. We shar numbers on the fastest growing categories for Q compar to . Wildberries: Among the main drivers of this growth: constantly expanding assortment matrix of MP decline in offline business; convenience of pick-up point or fast delivery. Comparing the growth in the all-Russian ranking in and gives an understanding of longer-term trends. The leaders wereHow does it compare with global trends.

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Andreessen Horowitz’s Marketplace global Uruguay Phone Number List ranking highlights emerging trends. Prospects and development opportunities open up for the most keen-sight. And the opportunity to assess to what extent Russian marketplaces are in the “global flow.” This year, a real breakthrough in the TOP Marketplace was the RockAuto service – the automotive category in the ranking grew by compar to last year. Young companies show high growth dynamics: Whatnot ( th place) – a trading platform for collectors, Apmex ( th place) – a market for precious metals, Zazzle ( th place) – a custom design platform, BackMarket ( th place) – an electronics resale site.

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In summary: both in Russia and in the Canada Whatsapp Number world. Marketplaces with automotive products are still among the brightest leaders . MARKETPLACE AUDIENCE We are observing two main trends: Changing mobile first to mobile only – more than % of unique users access the site only from a mobile device. Since , the volume of Internet users in the age groups has grown significantly. By comparison, the share of users ag – grew by only. According to Miascope, age audiences ) prefer online shopping to retail . It is this audience that has great purchasing potential – as life expectancy increases, people remain active and able to work longer. CHANGING CONSUMER BEHAVIOR In the domestic market, marketplaces have surpass classic online stores.

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