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A health crisis The end of third parties expect to end this year and just around the corner, companies in the programmatic space are developing interoperable, headless solutions to ensure ad performance and success for years to come. We are committ to becoming an integral player in the development of these solutions and are pleas to announce a new partnership with Yahoo to achieve this goal. is one of five new partners supporting Yahoo.

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A self-harden identity solution, which uses first-hand content-driven data to bring audiences to life, directly with leading platform data Cayman Islands Phone Number List management systems and customer data integration platforms ( ). Through direct relationships with consumers and partnerships such as with Google, we currently have 100 million authenticat users in the Unit States. This new integration enables seamless activation of global audiences across Yahoo’s omnichannel, allowing brands and marketers to reach engag and interest consumers at scale in a world of limit identities.

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These audiences are power by shares, searches. Clicks USA Whatsapp Number and page views across more than 10,000 websites worldwide. And are enhanc using the latest natural language.  Processing and machine learning technologies for optimal performance. Audiences span a wide range of industries and topics.  Including but not limit to healthcare, retail, finance.  Business technology and automotive, as well as seasonal and event-bas key.  Life stories that marketers use to drive sales. For topics that don’t exist in the standard segmentation assortment.  Marketers can request custom segments, which will be craft and deliver with precision within hours.

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