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A management A label with a company logo on Maps, which helps to get more clicks and create knowlge about the brand with reference to a specific location. results A D model of the Cosmo / object was post in Maps in July . After months, we compar the indicators with the same period before the launch of D layouts and receiv: conclusions Placing a D layout in Yandex Maps greatly increases coverage and increases conversions due to the fact that the tool is new.

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The cost of placement is from Bangladesh WhatsApp Number List 1 Million Package thousand rubles. with VAT for a period of days. For developers, this is an acceptable placement price, which allows them to improve mia indicators in the overall mia split. “ A D model for new buildings is a fairly new tool. Currently, no more than % of projects under construction in Moscow have us it, judging by Yandex Maps. This gives us an advantage: at the moment we can reach more potential customers and increase brand loyalty, which can later be convert into sales . Yandex’s internal statistics show that companies that trust digital agencies to promote themselves are more successful in their development.

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At the same time, if similar tasks Ethiopia Telegram Number were previously handl by a marketer or a department within the company, starting to work with an agency will bring some doubts and even concerns. Let’s look at some of them, give – arguments for each prejudice and tell you how to choose an advertising agency. Fear of not getting what was promis It is important to remain vigilant when selecting new potential contractors. However, when it comes to working with a digital agency, you can quickly put your fears to rest. Firstly, such companies usually actively advertise themselves, publishing detail cases on their resources and in specializ mia.

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