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New role settings The head of the marketing department now has the ability to flexibly configure access for their employees to data in the system. With the new role model, you can now customize the ability to view or it each report, chart, or data set end-to-end analytics . View and it source and dataset profiles Add the ability to view and it source and data set end-to-end analytics . Support for static data sources Add support for data sources with static authorization. Thanks to this, the system can now work with data sources that do not support O-Auth authorization.

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Notification system for key events Portugal Phone Number List Users now receive alerts about key events in the system, such as data upload errors, or administrators adding new data sets. . Comparison of periods in one window Add the ability to compare two periods on Time-series Bar/Smooth line Chart, Big Number, Big Number with Trendline chartsdataCraft: how end-to-end analytics saves analysts from pressing deadlines and data confusion DECEMBER , | ANALYTICS , ARTICLES , ARTICLES AND CASES Hello! We continue the series of useful articles about how end-to-end and marketing analytics improve business processes and increase metrics. This time we’ll talk about analysts, because it is for them that the issues of data correctness and spe of delivery are most pressing.

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What problems do analysts face? How Indonesia Telegram Number to solve them using end-to-end analytics? What other benefits and perks can you get? Let’s figure it out. Let’s start with what the main tasks of an analyst’s work. Are and what problems he has to. Face on a daily basis. All these problems are solvable Moreover, if you tackle them comprehensively. You can save a huge amount of money, time and resources. Let’s look at how to do this using the example of using the end-to-end analytics service dataCraft.

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