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Solution We creat dashboards for registrations and rental conversions and set up notifications on them. At “Take Charge!” seasonality is clearly express within the year and week, and analysts know which metrics should be in a normal state in each period. Using this information, they can correlate what upper and lower limits are acceptable. If the conversion deviates from the specifi limit, analysts receive an email notification.

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Result Ruc the time to detect problems Algeria WhatsApp Number List to several minutes. Case : How to optimize bug analysis and spend up to minutes on fixing them As with any product, “Take Charge!” Bugs occur. They ne to be detect in time and sent to developers for correction. Problem Analysts did not understand which problems in the product were due to technical errors. Task Use Amplitude tools to objectively analyze cases. Solution If a bug comes from a user, the second line of technical support takes it into action. Support staff use the User LookUp tool in Amplitude to view all information on the user with his actions and errors encounter.

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A results Analyzing a case now takes from to Brazil Phone Number minutes, depending on its complexity; discover infrequent bugs that caus the company to lose money; I discover bugs that on one of the operating systems (hereinafter referr to as OS) cut off up to % of conversion. “Users contact our call center who were unable to rent a power bank because the application display the active rental status. We didn’t notice this before because the bug wasn’t widespread, but within a week – people contact us with this problem. We look at what these users saw and how it is display in our analytics.

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