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Search engine positioning is the digital marketing strategy that allows us to generate qualified traffic to a website through visibility on . It encompasses positioning (organic or natural) and sem positioning ( ads). To better understand both, in this article. I am going All about to explain what they are, what their main differences are, and their respective advantages and disadvantages. Index [ hide ] what is positioning? Positioning (search engine optimization) is a digital marketing strategy that consists of attracting quality traffic through visibility in search engines such as . In this digital marketing strategy, it is the user who starts the search process. It consists of placing a web in the best possible position as a search result for those. Keywords or expressions that have to do with the business or the theme of the web .

The concept of influencer marketing and its features

It should be noted that, for optimal search engine positioning work; the work of a specialized specialist , with experience and training, is necessary. Possible objectives of positioning the ultimate goal of an positioning strategy is not to position a website Phone Number List in the top positions. This will achieve any of the following objectives: notoriety. Make a company, brand, product or service known to its potential clients, whether locally, nationally or internationally. Traffic. Generate quality visits , that is, from users who are interested in the services or products we offer. Generate conversions in an online store, website or blog. Advantages of positioning high long-term profitability.

Why and what business needs Influence All about marketing?

Once we have managed to position ourselves correctly, with constant maintenance and optimization, it will be enough to keep us in the top positions, although we should not trust ourselves or settle. In you can always improve positions. The point is to increase the number of visits achieved month after month thanks to . A website with valuable content will be much easier to position. Currently one of the most important factors is that a website offers useful 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers content for users, hence the importance of establishing a content marketing strategy in parallel .

Attract qualified traffic. If we have carried out the keyword audit correctly. The organic traffic that the website receives will be of quality. The number of visits is independent of the economic investment. If a good job is done, the visits and conversions generated by organic positioning will increase each month, while the cost will be the same. If someone offers you cheap , be wary. You’ll see how expensive it is.

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