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SEO tools are primarily used by management and leads, let’s say we have 1 admin (account owner) and 5 young leads who each need access. Let’s assume an average standard, let’s say we build 100 links with a 2% success rate = target of 5,000 websites researched and achieved. It is very difficult to determine credit usage because every time you do a bulk analysis, use a filter, or click on a feature, you actually use 1 credit. According to our calculations, once you get to 100 connection features per month, with said team size, you should expect to use at least 3000 credits across the team.

The Ahrefs Advanced

Plan already comes with 750 credits, but that means Canada WhatsApp Number Data you have to buy another 2250 credits (5 packs of 500 credits) If we use Ahrefs on the current model: Ahrefs Advanced costs = $399 plus 2 Casual user = $30 * 2 = $60 Plus 3 Power user = $50 * 3 = $150 Plus 5 packs of 500 credits = $35 * 5 = $175 Total monthly cost = $784 If we use Semrush in the current model: Semrush Guru = $250 per month Users = $80 per user / month Assuming 5 additional users = $400 Total monthly cost = $650 Account limits: Ahrefs Advanced allows exporting up to 75,000 rows per export. Semrush Guru only 30,000 per export. Semrush Business allows 50,000. Ahrefs allows 4 million export rows per month.

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Semrush Guru technically

Allows 150 million export lines per month, so we can Sweden Phone Number safely say that it has very high limits when it comes to exports and does not have the disadvantage of heavy credit costs. So Semrush wins here and has the advantage of many additional features if that’s something you find useful. It’s no secret that many people consider Ahrefs superior to Semrush, especially when it comes to analyzing links. However, Majestic comes very close to and actually surpasses Ahrefs when it comes to quality analysis. The good news is that they are transparent about account limits and do not implement a credit system.

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