And structured data helps Google understand what your pages are about

Sentences that are easy to use for Very long articles, tables. Or lists of links are not suitable answers for voice searches. However, you should be aware of the following. Do not mass-produce navigation pages that only provide concise answers to queries that are likely  And structured data  to be frequently used in voice searches. It’s not good to have poor quality without providing much other information. → Don’t stuff keywords like old-fashioned spam techniques. It should make sense as a whole and sound natural when read aloud. ・Voice actions Web content such as podcasts and news can support voice actions. Although it is a new feature, the use of this feature also expands the possibilities of voice search support.

Voice Assistant If you have the development skills

One option is to provide a voice assistant (instead of a website). For example, Google uses Actions on Google to provide voice services through Android phones, Google Phone Number List Home, and other Google Assistant-enabled devices. Voice search is still in its infancy. Google is also exploring how users use voice search and how best to respond to it. The voice search And structured data optimization proposed by Mr. Mueller is only a possible initiative at this point, but the situation is evolving day by day. You always want to keep your ears up to date with the latest information.  When a major change in the algorithm occurs, it is impossible to predict what is going on inside the algorithm, so we need to look at the search results for various keywords to see what methods are effective and what measures to take.

The only way to do so is to formulate a hypothesis

Such as whether there is a risk of lowering the ranking, take as many samples as possible, check their consistency, and explore the trends of the algorithm. However, it  1000 Mobile Phone Numbers is not worth the time or manpower to do so. Rather than tracking uncertain algorithms, it is important to focus. On how well or how to achieve basic SEO that everyone should do when providing SEO services. I think it is very meaningful for both web site owners and web site operators. The basics of SEO are creating high-quality. Content and sites, so I feel it’s important to keep that in mind while. Always checking the information and keeping in mind that it doesn’t conflict with the current algorithm. The National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (hereinafter referred to as JA Zen-noh) is a member of the. 

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