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However, if a company that has GA counters install on its sites is includ in the sanctions list, Google may unilaterally limit the collection of data on the project. This can create significant challenges when transferring previously collect data to another ecosystem. Bottom line When choosing Google products, companies from Russia face restrictions relat to political risks. An important factor when creating an analytics ecosystem is data integrity.

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However, if the company ends up Guatemala WhatsApp Number List on the sanctions list, Google may limit the collection of data on the project, which will make it difficult to transfer previously collect data to another analytics system. If the company is not limit by the choice of counter, it is recommend to install both from Google and Yandex, in order to use the functionality of both systems. If you ne to choose only one, then the choice will depend on many factors. Small projects will most likely choose Yandex.Metrica due to its intuitive interface and small number of queries for the analytics system.

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Miumsiz projects that are not afraid of South Africa Telegram Number political risks will most likely choose GA due to its flexible interface and functionality. Large projects will choose Yandex Metrica to minimize political risks, compensating for the shortcomings of the interface with the ability to work with raw data and set up streaming in Click House using the native connector from Metrica Pro and preparing the dashboards necessary for analysis on this data. Forward period !interview with Evgenia Grunis for Prime News Agency SEPTEMBER , NEWS CEO of the digital agency Adventum Evgenia Grunis took part in the joint project of the PRIME news agency, RIA Novosti and the Association of Managers Forward period! , talking about what challenges are driving business today.

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