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Anytime anywhere Since there are no limits to the answers you can provide, open-end questions can help you better understand your customers’ behaviors and preferences. Examples of open-end questions include: How would you describe your experience with our product? How do you think we can improve our products for you? What factors influence your spending habits? Clos Questions Clos questions are a strict type of survey question that limits respondents to a pretermin set of answers.

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Usually present as options. Clos questions limit the respondent to answers (options) that have already been provid, and this type of Singapore Phone Number List question is primarily us in quantitative research. In market research surveys, evaluation is usually done using clos-end questions; that’s when you want to assign a statistical value to your customers’ perceptions. Clos questions focus on specific details rather than lengthy responses.

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Ad they make your data collection process faster and more cost-effective. Examples of clos questions include: Do you enjoy using Canada Telegram Number our products? Yes No Would you recommend our services to others? Yes No How would you rate our service? Excellent Good Average Poor Poor Multiple Choice Questions. A multiple choice question is a common clos-end question. That allows the respondent to select one or more answers from the options provid. Multiple-choice questions can limit respondents to a single option, or they can allow them to select multiple options that apply to them.Examples of multiple choice questions include: How long have you been using our product? Months Months Years More How often do you use our products.

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