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Webvisor helps identify user experience problems on a website and optimize it. The GA interface does not have such functionality. Sampling/sensitive data Collection and analysis of sensitive data in Yandex.Metrica can deanonymize users, so they are calculat by Yandex algorithms. Parameters include sociodemographic data, login page addresses, search phrases, job information and more. However, such information is provid only if there are more than visitors in the sample. If there are fewer visitors, then using Visit Parameters may be difficult to convey detail information about user actions.

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Sampling can also lead to distortion of real data when analyzing large amounts of information. For small and miumsiz projects, GA and YaM Greece WhatsApp Number List do not have this problem, but to analyze a large amount of data, you ne to connect paid versions of these tools. Raw data In Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics you can access raw data. In Yandex.Metrica, using the Logs API, you can export data to your computer or, if you have Metrica Pro, use the native connector to export to ClickHouse. GA provides data export to Google BigQuery, but the free version of BQ only stores streaming data for days and has a storage limit of GB. For small projects, it is more convenient to use the export of raw data via the Logs API in Yandex.

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Metrica, and for large projects it is better Thailand Telegram Number to use the paid versions of GA and YaM Pro. It’s worth noting that processing raw data may be limit by the power of your device when using the Logs API, while this power is not requir in BQ. When comparing the paid versions of GA and YaM Pro, exporting and working with raw data in GA is easier, since it does not require deploying infrastructure for ClickHouse. Political risks One of the main restrictions that Russian companies face when choosing Google products is political risks. Data integrity is key when creating an analytics ecosystem.

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