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Can be as Primary Market Research Observation Observation is a data collection method that involves focusing on the interactions of research subjects in their natural environment in order to gather useful insights into their behavior. It is a common research method that can be quantitative or qualitative. In quantitative observation, researchers focus on numbers; that is, observing subjects through numerical values ​​such as age, weight, and volume.

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Qualitative observation, on the other Thailand Phone Number List hand, utilizes individual sensory organs as well as subjective parameters while examining the study variables. Observation, whether qualitative or quantitative, is the simplest and most common method of data collection. Additionally, it produces more accurate data because researchers have the opportunity to filter and verify observations from their subjects. However, this method of data collection is rather subjective as it is susceptible to generalizations by the researcher.

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Since the quality of data collect through observational methods may be affect by researcher bias, it is important to have experts conduct Thailand Telegram Number the observations. Observation can also take a naturalistic or participatory approach. In naturalistic observation, the researcher is completely remov from the research environment; that is, he or she has no direct contact with the subjects as they interact and behave. Focus groups A focus group is a group of demographically diverse participants who come together to provide a range of information about a product or service. It is one of the most common methods of collecting data in primary market research.

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