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Can easily  The team grows, even with such assistants, and acquires new skills, including special skills in interacting with a neural network. It is difficult to prict the future, and there are still more questions than answers, but I am convinc that technology has appear near us that can change our lives, like fire at the dawn of humanity. How to bring of warm traffic through Yandex PromoPages and Pulse Mail.rub b case SEPTEMBER , CASES , MIA ADVERTISING , ARTICLES AND CASES The company supplying construction equipment has a narrow target audience this is the b b segment.

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Can easily  Including construction companies and Hungary WhatsApp Number List developers who ne specializ equipment to own or rent. In addition, the company offers training programs for obtaining a profession in the construction industry or advanc training. Since , the Adventum agency has been working with this company under an NDA agreement. The main goal of cooperation is to attract target leads. For this, various promotion channels are us, including contextual advertising, target advertising, SEO, SMM, email mailings, working with retargeting mechanics, posting ads on Avito and Yandex Maps.

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Set up personalization

The work is carri out at all levels of the UAE Phone Number funnel from coverage and traffic to leads. One of the company’s goals is to increase awareness and maintain the brand’s image as an expert in its industry. To achieve this goal, it was decid to find additional sources of quality traffic. After analyzing the available promotion channels, it was decid to use content marketing. This strategy is suitable for b b projects with a complex product or a narrow target audience. To expand coverage and attract more potential clients, it was decid to test tools that usually show high results in the b c segmentPulse and Yandex PromoPages (formerly known as Yandex. Adventum and client teams work together to promote content on two different platforms Pulse and Yandex Promo Pages.

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