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This leads to multiplication of interaction cycles that negatively affect the spe and quality of decisions made, as well as the productivity of departments. In dataCraft, you can set up your own dashboards and reports for each team member to track the necessary metrics.The Take Charge service does this successfully, and you will find out how they do this by watching the video or reading this article. Client Take charge service for renting power banks using a mobile application. The company has been on the market for more than years, has . million users and more than thousand stations in cities and three countries.

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The company’s analysts use various Tunisia Phone Number List tools in their work; the team has dashboards, KPIs, metrics, and they are actively working to improve processes. To do this they use Amplitude. In this case, we will tell you about problems that BeriZaryad solve with the help of product analytics: Monitoring testing of new designs. Track metrics without the participation of analysts. Conducting a health-checking application. Analysis of bugs. Let’s take a closer look at each of these cases and share the results. Case : How to increase subscription conversion by % by testing a new design Problem.

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The product decid to test a new subscription Singapore Whatsapp Number banner. Which is shown to new users, launch it in full and want to measure its effectiveness. The difficulty was that the new banner was launch to all users at once without A/B testing. Task Determine how the new banner affect the conversion to purchase a subscription. Solution Using the Funnel tool, Amplitude laid out the entire user journey from registration to purchasing a subscription. Visualiz conversions within the user journey using the Line chart function. We determin the changes in each of the stages, look at the correlation of each of them and how intermiate conversions affect the overall conversion to purchase a subscription.

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