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Company culture During a case study, the researcher collects a range of data from multiple sources over a period of time using different data collection methods. The purpose of a case study is to analyze a specific problem in a specific context and to conduct a detail analysis of the research topic by asking the right questions. This research approach can be interpretive, descriptive, or exploratory, depending on the focus of your systematic investigation or study.

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Company culture Explanatory case studies are design to gather information about the causes of real-life events.This type of case study uses “how” and “why” questions to gather valid information about the causative factors of an incident. Descriptive case studies Italy Phone Number List are often us in business research to analyze the impact of changing market dynamics on a business. Exploratory case studies, on the other hand, aim to answer “who” and “what” questions using data collection tools such as interviews and questionnaires. Some questions you can include in your case study are: Why did you choose our services? What impact will this policy have on your business output? What benefits have you experienc since you start using our products.

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Case Study Example InterviewInterviewing is a qualitative research method that involves asking respondents a series of questions Italy Whatsapp Number to gather information about the research topic. Interview questions can be clos-end or open-end, and they prompt participants to provide valid information useful to the research. Interviews can also be structur, semi-structur or unstructur, which further affects the types of questions they contain. Structur interviews consist of more clos-end questions since they are design to collect quantitative data, whereas unstructur interviews consist primarily of open-end questions, allowing the researcher to gather qualitative information from the interviewee.

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