Confidence Among Renewable Energy Investors at an All-Time High

 A new analysis released recently by the. American Council on Renewable Energy finds that. confidence among both renewable energy investors and. developers is at an all-time high. The report Expectations for. Renewable Energy Finance in ” presents the results. of a new survey of large financial institutions and renewable. energy development companies on their confidence in the sector in. the aftermath of the pandemic. The new report also. tracks progress on the $1T American Renewable Investment Goal. an initiative ACORE launched in to help secure. trillion in private sector investment in renewable energy and enabling grid technologies .

One trillion dollars of investment over

 Would represent more. than two times the historic investment in the US renewable sector before the campaign and help put us on a trajectory toward. meeting  WhatsApp Number Database President Biden’s goal of a carbon-free grid by. One-sixth of the total $1 trillion campaign goal has. now been met, despite a decline in renewable energy. investment in. To achieve the  objective, an average. of  billion a year will need to be invested through an. annual increase of over the investment level. To gain a better understanding of the expected environment for renewable sector finance over the next three years, ACORE surveyed. Leading financial institutions and renewable energy development companies.

Key survey findings include

More than two-thirds of surveyed. investors are planning to increase their renewable energy. Investments by more than this year compared to. Investors and developers have an extremely confident outlook. on the growth of renewable 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers energy and energy storage over. the next three years, with nearly all surveyed companies planning. to increase their investment or development activity. Tax equity. remains the financing source hardest hit by the pandemic according. to both investors and developers. Energy storage and. utility-scale solar rank as the most popular preferences for investment. among surveyed investors over the next three years. All surveyed investors and developers . report maintained or increased risk appetites.

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