Content Statistics Marketers Need to Know in 2023

Content is one of the most important aspects of any digital strategy. It influences the reputation and image of the company, helps to form a brand identity. Attract potential customers, and increase the trust of an already interested audience. When developing an effective content plan, you should analyze the results obtained (traffic, duration of sessions, leads, etc. And also take into account world statistics, which play a significant role in the development and formation of trends in the coming years. In order not to chase your competitors. But to get ahead of them, check out the important numbers.

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The question of what an effective content strategy should be for 2023. Content: General Content Marketing Statistics Content Marketing in SEO Blog Articles Social media content Video content General statistics of content marketing – choice of Webpromo Cell Phone Number List Global content marketing revenue is expected to exceed$135 billion in 2026, according to Statista . As of 2022, total revenue is76 billion. The average person spends about 7 hours a day watching different types of content ( Doubleverify ), 50% of this time is spent using a smartphone ( Exlodingtopics ). Content making requires 62% less budget expenditure than other marketing methods of business promotion.

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Who create content. At the same time, it generates three times more targeted actions from potential clients and is one of the key components of an effective sales funnel ( DemandMetric ). Benefits of Content Marketing Source: The main form of content 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers created in 2022 was video . This is followed by blog texts , with images in third place ( Hubspot ). 81% of marketers consider content a key component of business strategy ( CMI ). According to a Wyzowl study , 73% of respondents (out of 582 respondents) prefer short video reviews, for 11% the best way to learn about a product or service is to read an article, 4% like to view infographics, 3% each want to download electronic instructions, attend a webinar and consult telephone mode. 

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