Training program analysis of

Training program Homework for course Duration. Homework Training program for course of training Homework for course videos Homework for course up to minutes. Learning format the user can watch the video and perform certain functions in parallel Homework for course with the teacher. There Homework for course are no intermeiate or final tests. Certificate not issue. Course Topics accounting Homework for course for goods and materials in operation breakdown of incremental costs between items preliminary closing of the month reservation of goods and materials association of directories Characteristics of resources and Route maps.

Advantages detaile and accessible

Disadvantages lack Homework for course of contact with the teacher. Video lessons on the program C Accounting. from C Training Center No. Duration Whatsapp Data Homework for course of training videos up to minutes. Training format lessons in video format with a practical demonstration of the actions performe.  schoolchildren, no tests. Certificate not issue. Course topics changes to the FSB introduce in install directories in C Accounting carry forward of losses for tax purposes recording information about staff working remotely work with UPD evaluation of finishe products, taking into account the planne cost keep track of the expiration date of the goods creation of reserves for depreciation of resources.

Advantages priority topics

Relevant to accountants. Disadvantages if some point is not clear, you will have to figure it out yourself. C Management of our company. Tutorial from C Enterprise x Lesson duration videos no longer than minutes. Lesson format the user can 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers watch all videos or select the desire topics. Certificate not issue. What you can learn during the  about employees and departments keep records of customers, create orders, monitor their implementation keep records of suppliers, ask questions about the purchase of materials and other resources keeping records of company property calculate taxes maintaining contracts with responsible persons configure database backup maintain personnel records set user rights.

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