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Some insights they provided were completely unknown to the furniture company. What we learned from these calls proved invaluable in shaping the website content. Get the daily newsletter search marketers rely on. Business email address Get Search Engine Land in your inbox. See terms. 3. Source content from past customers Past customer reviews are among the easiest yet impactful wells to pull content ideas and language. Whether past customers have left reviews on your Google Business Profile, Amazon, a third-party review site, or your own internal system, these are great sources of info about how the market views your product or service. Customer reviews are great because they provide a glimpse into your customer’s thinking at scale – no need to interview them. Online reviews also collect the right language, pain points, and angles you may not have noticed. Whenever I take on a new local SEO client.

I make it a point to read every review

On their Google Business Profile. I like looking for trends and themes across the reviews and see anecdotally what really matters to customers. Google does pull out themes by seeing the top 10 topics or phrases mentioned in reviews. You can take your reviews and put them in a sentiment analysis tool to see topics, trends, and talk points that you can share with your CSR or use in your marketing, advertising and website efforts. Review topics Mexico Mobile Number List Example of sourcing content from past customers One time, I was reading reviews for a new client in the home service industry. A few reviews told a similar story: each mentioned the same salesperson by name and how professional and informational the salesperson was – especially compared to other companies. And each said a surprising detail: the salesperson gave a gift of local jam. One specific salesperson was doing this to make connections with his prospects, but it was leaving such an impact on customers that they mentioned it in their reviews.

When our client found out about this

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They made it a standard across all sales staff, and we mentioned it as part of the online appointment scheduler. 4. Source content from competitors A surprising source of content ideas can Cambodia Phone Number List come from your competitors. As we saw above, if online reviews for your own products or services can provide helpful insights for your marketing efforts, what can you learn from reading the reviews of your competitors? A lot! Find a few of your competitors and read every review of theirs that is three stars or lower. Bad or mixed reviews can provide a gold mine of information about what people don’t like about your competitors. These points can be used in your marketing efforts. As they are pain points your target audience has, and your competitors are not. Meeting. Example of sourcing content from competitors While conducting competitive research for an outdoor structure company, I noticed their main competitors had a fair amount of indifferent reviews. As I read these reviews, I noticed themes.

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