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It is obvious that this year developers will have to face even more serious competition for buyers, as well as rethink the tools us to stimulate demand and sales strategies, comment Vyacheslav Evseev, executive director of the Association of Managers. The Central Bank rais the key rate to in August, which, of course, will affect the growth of mortgage rates, and as a result, demand will respond to the changes. We record a drop in Internet search queries already in the second quarter.

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At the same time, our study addresses the issue of search interest only; real demand is influenc by many factors, including incentives and Ecuador WhatsApp Number List support from the state. However, all this poses a challenge for marketing and digital to find new solutions and work with the target audience in a more target and personaliz manner. On our radars we see an individual scenario for each developer, which depends on many factors, but we cannot yet talk about an increase in the cost of a lead as a trend, not Evgenia Grunis , CEO of the Adventum agency. For referencata from the MiaScope Adex service were us to analyze the advertising market. To study search demand, we us Yandex.Wordstat, a service that helps obtain information about the queries of Yandex users.

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For example, it allows you to find Switzerland Phone Number out how many people per month search for a particular phrase, and look at queries that are similar in meaning to the search phrase. Geography of data collectionall of Russia. Analysis periodnd quarter . Requests are group by topic. The group includes keywords with a broad match type. For example, to analyze the group of queries room apartments, highfrequency keywords with different spellings are us, including apartment, etc. Russians’ demand for insurance has chang OCTOBER , RESEARCH , NEWS The Association of Managers and the fullservice digital agency Adventum continue a series of studies of search demand in key sectors of the economy.

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