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Curated applications This can be track both within one restaurant and across the country. Chocofood uses this data torecommend establishments or dishes in the search results to users, for example, to increase demand for dishes with a downward trend; help partners with sales offer a more conversionfriendly menu order, the most successful categories, promising new positions, promotions to increase sales; develop marketing campaigns, for example, to increase user loyalty and increase purchase conversion.

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Stage finding the reasons for Colombia WhatsApp Number List unsuccessful search queries that ruce conversion to purchase Fail queries when a user enters a query in the search, and the results show zero results. This negatively affects the user experience and ruces conversion to purchase. To find the root cause of fail search queries, the Chocofood team turn to Amplitude’s Event Segmentation report. With it, you can see how many users perform a specific event in a certain period of time. Example command for the Event Segmentation report to find a group of fail requests.

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This report downloads all user Iran Phone Number requests where the search return. Or establishments, groups them by text and displays patterns of unsuccessful requests. It turn out that from October to December , the share of unsuccessful requests in the Chocofood app averag. Digging deeper into the data using the Segmentation report, Chocofood analysts identifi the main reasons for unsuccessful search queriesusers may make typos or write English names of establishments in Russian and vice versa; users who are looking for a specific dish go to the establishments that are most popular.

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