Data in Director of Client Relations

Data in Director The agency’s experts and the client jointly develop a placement strategy, determin what the content should be, how to structure the work and optimize articles for the site’s algorithms. Each month, one new article was promot on both platforms, corresponding to the company’s goals for the current period. Be patient and test the hypothesis for at least months. Highquality articles help to warm up traffic gradually.

Data in Director Application bottlenecks

This project with the promotion of a construction Iceland WhatsApp Number List company through articles last months and was divid into three steps . Olga Belyakova ,  at Adventum Implementation steps Step JuneAugust This step was dicat to the launch of promotion of articles on Pulse and Yandex.Zen during the high sales season. The task was to post articles on sites and collect detail statistics for further building a promotion strategy. Each month the articles chang to focus on the benefits of the product. How the audience was select.

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Outflows and returns

The Adventum team us broad targeting Uk Phone Number with filters gender, age, devices, geography to select the audience. Example of settings for selecting an audience Promotion on Pulse and Yandex PromoPages has its own characteristics. Yandex PromoPages offer wide audience coverage and segmentation by relevant users. On this site, you can choose a promotion strategy engagement or coverage, and also target by gender, age, geography and devices. In addition, it is possible to choose one of three options for budget distributiondaily budget, rereading price or transition price.

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