Development of sustainable plastic solutions

  • This is because they present a series of limitations when it comes to beingDevelopment of sustainable d or recycled due to a decrease in their properties, and difficulties . Associated with processing the material again. With the purpose of developing new packaging solutions that improve the performance and recyclability of current packaging, Itene is working on three main lines of research: 1. In this area, research is based on the development of materials with improved properties and new functionalities. Therefore, different strategies are evaluated: Development of compostable formulations with improved properties through polymer blending and compatibilization technologies.

Compostable plastics

This compatibilization can  by means of non-reactive agents miscible with the components of the mixture, or by means of reactive agents through the formation  Telegram Database of bonds with at least one of the polymers of the mixture. Itene leverages reactive extrusion technology to improve the compatibility of binary PBS/PHBV blends for rigid packaging applications. The resulting mixtures  an improvement in mechanical and barrier properties as a consequence of the compatibilization process. Waste recovery to obtain high-value materials with compostable properties or additives. Based on his knowledge in the field of biotechnology , sector, Itene is working on different projects aligned with this strategy.

There are those who receive

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