Digitalization of Sales Processes

When considered strategically, one of the most important factors in creating the bridge between a 5-year company’s strategic plan, monthly business plans and the company’s daily plans is the management of sales processes. In this context, sales process management increases collaboration within the company and ensures that different departments focus on a single goal and target. Therefore, it has an important place within the scope of companies’ OKR targets. The stronger the management of the sales force management processes, the stronger its contribution to customer satisfaction, turnover and profitability will be.

Creating sales processes within

The company, monitoring them regularly and managing the processes is a matter of handling the Job Function Email Database organization in a healthy way. It ensures that all business partners and process owners within the company unite around a common goal, achieving their goals and creating a process management infrastructure. For this reason, it should be checked whether the sales processes of the businesses are working well. Critical Questions in Sales ProcessesA company that thinks it manages its sales processes well should be able to answer the following questions:How many sales opportunities came to our company last month? What is meant by a sales opportunity is this; We are a production or service company, in this sense, what is the demand for our products and services? Determining the amounts of demands can be done in the following ways.

How many e-mailsĀ 

Phone calls have we received via e-mail to our. Website regarding our products and services? They can also request it by phone. Or they can say they want to 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers buy this product or service via social media or social. Media communication channels. Sales opportunities that come through the forms. We put on the website or through references, or new demands from our. Existing customers and the companies we currently serve and sell our products to. Are also important in determining demand. Ultimately, we should ask. How many opportunities came last month, how many, a thousand or five hundred?If you cannot answer. It means you need sales process consultancy and effective. Management in sales processes. The answer to the question of when. Why I need it is through asking these questions.

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