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Metrica does not have a fullflg analogue of Measurement Protocol, but you can import order statuses from a CRM system, visitor parameters or offline conversions. However, this solution is not flexible and does not allow you to fully customize interaction with a VK or Tg chatbot via Yandex.Metrica, especially if the chatbot is a fullflg project with many response options. Cohorts Cohorts are groups of users that are unit according to a certain criterion, for example, by the date of the first visit to the site or by the date of the first purchase.

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Using cohorts allows you to more accurately Georgia WhatsApp Number List analyze user behavior and their interaction with a site or application. In GA , cohorts can be creat bas on various events such as page views, adding items to cart, or checkout. You can also create cohorts bas on custom parameters that you can set in your site or application code. Cohorts allow you to analyze not only the current behavior of users, but also their longterm behavior. For example, you can analyze how the conversion rate changes for users who made their first purchase in a certain period of time.

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Metrica does not have tools for conducting UK Telegram Number cohort analysis. If you wish to perform this kind of analysis, assuming only the NM counter is available on the pages, you ne to work with the raw data through the Logs API. Webvisor/Heat map Webvisor in Yandex.Metrica allows you to view recordings of user sessions on the site in the form of videos. You can see how users interact with the site, which pages they visit, what actions they perform, how long they spend on each page, etc.

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