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Nazim Altaeva, product manager at Chocofood General results of the case With the help of Amplitude, the Chocofood product team was able to not only optimize the search page, but alsomark all user events, track negative trends in requests and sales dynamics; react in time and develop your own search system within the site and application; ruce the rate of unsuccessful requests by; transition from the main search to the choice of establishment by; from the choice of establishment on the menu by; from the establishment’s menu to order by. and improve user experience.

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How Chocofood set up and Croatia WhatsApp Number List launch crossselling Crosssale is an offer to buy additional products to the main one. According to Forbes , the Amazon marketplace receives of its revenue from crossselling thanks to the correct mechanics of displaying products bas on customer preferences. This upselling format is implement in Chocofood, and previously it look like thisCrossselling was organically integrat into the interface, but there was a problem in the logic of deliverywhat dish should be shown to a specific user so that he would want to buy it.

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The Chocofood team analyz how crossselling Saudi Arabia Phone Number was implement by other companies. Bas on this, the basic rules of mechanics were reveal. Cross sales should beTimely when the user has add items to the cart, but has not yet plac an order. Inexpensive the cost of additional items should be lower than the amount in the cart. Limit maximum of products in the selection. Relevant if a person orders a burger, then most likely he will want additional fries and a drink, rather than ice cream. The first three rules were easily integrat into Chocofood, but the question arosehow to understand what is relevant to user requests.

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