Douyin information flow advertising

Such as Lead Collection, Application. Promotion, Store Promotion, Etc. Next, Let’s Learn About Information Flow Ads. I Just Mentioned. That Flow Ads Support a Variety of Promotion Scenarios, That is, You Can Consider. Information Flow Ads When You Have the Following Promotion Needs. Page forms and smart phone calls to collect potential leads and achieve efficient. Customer information collection and management. Application promotion: Supports two methods, App landing page and download link, to promote applications and acquire new and active users. Store promotion: Cover the target users around the store, support adding POI, cards and coupons, and promote the store.

After understanding the usage

Scenarios of Douyin information flow ads, why should we choose Douyin information flow ads for promotion? Let’s take a look at its advantages. Many users: Douyin information flow advertising can effectively reach 600 million Job Function Email Database  daily active users (including Douyin Volcano version). Precise reach: It can be displayed on multiple pages of. Douyin App to deepen user impression and increase advertising click-through rate. Deep penetration: Refined crowd targeting, display to different types of users, and improve marketing conversion rate. Rich styles: A variety of information flow advertising forms, small pictures, large pictures, group pictures, magic lanterns, boutique columns, and random interactions can meet the needs of the business.

In addition Douyin information

Email Database

Flow ads have a variety of advertising types, giving advertisers more space for display.You can also choose different 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers types for delivery according to your own promotion needs. Recommendation: Ads are displayed in Douyin information flow content, vertical screen display style, account association to attract fans, supports native or single page and other styles. Feedslive: You can see the real-time live broadcast screen and cards of the live broadcast room in the Douyin recommended stream. Click on the live broadcast screen in the recommended stream to enter the Douyin native live broadcast room with one click. Local Da: When you open the Douyin App to browse recommended streaming videos, you have a chance to view. Local Da ads to meet the advertisers’ local marketing needs such as offline store promotion.

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