[E-Commerce Analysis ‘Wing It’ a food vertical platform that captivates

Did you know that many platform companies are struggling with low profit margins and repurchase rates recently? Until now. E-Commerce Analysis  Many platforms have been attracting follow-up investment by increasing indicators of scale such as sales. Mau, and transaction amount. But the existing growth formula is breaking down due to negative factors such as economic recession and poor advertising performance.Wingit, which we will introduce today, is attracting attention not only for its 235% sales growth compared to the previous year.

Wing It, a food vertical platform growing even in 

But also for its high repurchase rate compared to its peers . We looked into the data to learn more about wingit. Which is improving its performance even in a recession, and what the secret is. We looked into wing it. a growing brand with a 235% increase Canada Phone Number Data in annual sales. We looked into wing it, a growing brand with a 235% increase in annual sales. I recommend this to these people! ‍ 1. Those who are curious about vertical platform success strategies through sharp targeting 2. Those who want to check cases of applying data to product planning and marketing 3. 1. Until wingit became a food vertical platform.

Until Wingit became a food vertical platform

Wingit changed from a book club to a food platform wing it is a vertical platform that focuses on home meal replacement (hmr) under the slogan ‘make everyday life convenient and delicious’ . E-Commerce Analysis Even though the home meal market is now a red ocean with too many Australia Phone Number List brands and platforms competing. Wing it is showing steady growth. In fact, wing it did not start out as a food commerce business. Ceo lim seung-jin, who ran a book club business called agreable book club. Then, by chance, he suggested launching a meal kit product as a test at a famous tteokbokki snack shop run by an acquaintance.

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