Eco-innovation as the basis of a sustainable future

After that,Recently, the European Commission has announced that it will invest 670 million euros over the next two years. With the aim of promoting innovation and development initiatives related to the circular economy and eco-innovation. This announcement joins the presentation, next December. Of the new European circular economy package. Which will focus on promoting selective collection to strengthen the recycling of materials such as paper and cardboard, plastic, metals and glass. Through this financing package, the European Commission aims to lay the foundations to correct the continent’s significant lack of natural resources. And the European industry imports six times more materials and resources than it exports. For this reason, the commitment of the European Commission is aimed at promoting sustainable development and eco-innovation is of great importance to maintain global. Competitiveness and reduce dependence on raw materials, which largely come from emerging countries.

EcoAP Environmental technologies and eco-innovation

The concept of eco-innovation consists of the innovative process by which new products and services are launched on the market that reduce the impact on the environment. It is a comprehensive term that covers all Australia Phone Number List phases of production: from the modification of processes and consumption patterns, the efficient use of natural resources. The analysis of the life cycle “ from cradle to cradle ” and the application of new more sustainable business models. In 2004 the European Commission created the Environmental Technologies Action Plan  to promote sustainable development. In December 2011, its successor was launched, the current Eco-innovation Action Plan  structured in seven actions, aimed at stimulating demand for eco-innovative solutions by the markets. Environmental policy and regulations: eco-innovation must be a key element in the community legislative review. After that, The Commission will carry out an analysis of European standards and make specific recommendations for action.

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Demonstration projects: to help eco-innovation technologies

Standards: definition of standards and parameters in the field of waste treatment, water management or energy efficiency. Financing and support for SMEs. The Commission will create a European network of eco-innovation financiers. As well as specific financial mechanisms to support companies working in “ green ” R&D&I. International cooperation: support the establishment of European companies in emerging economies such as China. India or Brazil. Skills and knowledge: driving the transition to a circular economy by equipping the workers of the future with the necessary skills. European innovation cooperations. Initiatives that bring together public and private actors in key sectors where eco-innovation can contribute to improving efficiency and productivity. With these measures and the upcoming approval of the long-awaited Circular. Economy package, the European Commission increases its commitment to the transition towards a low-carbon economy, sustainable in the use of resources.

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