Ensure you have the technical

Expertise: Content should be based on an individual’s proven expertise. Authority: The author and website should be an authority on the topic. Trust: The author and website should be trustworthy. The key here is to factor this into your SEO goals. Have content that is based on your real human expertise and experience. Ensure you have the technical aspects of your UX, website design and SEO in a good place. An AI analogy The problem with SEO and generative AI reminds me of a scene in one of my favorite movies: Good Will Hunting. The protagonist, Will, is a genius who can consume, remember and regurgitate raw knowledge and data unlike anyone else alive – much like ChatGPT.

Will knows everything to know

But it is all book smarts. He has no real-world experience. He has never lived, he has never loved, he has never lost someone close to him. He has never truly experienced any of what he knows. The AI content tools are a lot like this. They know everything about everything, they have crazy. Book smarts but no real Chile Mobile Number List experience, and they. Never will have. That is the opportunity where you can come in and create something unique by integrating these two components – your experience and expertise with the rapid output and breadth of knowledge provided by AI. Dig deeper: AI can’t write this: 10 ways to AI-proof your content for years to come A strategy to safely use.

AI in your content production

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The key here is to think of AI as an intelligent assistant rather than a complete means to an end. If you take the path-of-least resistance approach, as most will, your content will never satisfy German Phone Number List Google’s criteria. Worse still, you will create nothing that Google can’t answer directly with their own Search Generative Experience (lose-lose). By combining your expertise and experience with generative AI, you can create content that is greater than the sum of its parts and almost certainly more significant than anything a generative.

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