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How much do you spend on groceries each month? How do you like to shop? Are you willing to pay additional subscription fees for this service? What is your preferr payment plan for services? Market Research Questions for Your Customers Gathering feback from existing customers can provide insight into the market performance of your products and help you meet customer expectations. You can ask a question here: How do our products meet your nes.

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What do you like most about our products? What product features would you like to see? How would you rate our service delivery? Have our products improv your daily output? Market Research Questions for Competitive Analysis These Saudi Arabia Phone Number List questions can give you a clearer understanding of your industry competitors and how your target market views them: What is your favorite toothpaste brand? Why choose this brand? What benefits do you get from this product? What milk brands are you familiar with? Other market research questions are; How did you rate your last experience with our product? How likely are you to buy this product? How often do you use this product or service.

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Why did you choose our services? How would you rate our pricing for this product? How likely are you to subscribe to our service? The USA Telegram Number Best Question Types for Market Research Surveys Open-End Questions Open-end questions are a fluid question type that do not limit respondents to a set of pre-thought-out answers. In other words, it is a question that allows respondents to freely express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions while providing answers. In market research surveys, open-end questions give you the opportunity to elicit broad, descriptive information from respondents.

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