Forbes May 23 E-commerce review content and AI

What changes will ai bring to the ‘review content’ that the industry is putting so much effort into these days. The era has come where even e-commerce Forbes May review content is automatically generated by ai. However, authentic reviews are still a human responsibility. Artificial intelligence (ai) has long emerged as an innovative technology that is leading the revolution in everyday life and industry. One of the notable changes in the ai ​​era will be the convergence of domains. Especially the encounter between ai and humans.

E-commerce growth through reviews
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A virtual human appears as a show host in live commerce and home shopping and ‘sells out’ products. Also, it is no longer surprising that they are expanding their reach by replacing humans, such as by becoming direct brand models. The e-commerce market is Germany Phone Number Data a representative market where a vivid review left by an actual purchaser serves as a measure of purchase and forms a solid consumer fandom. What changes will ai bring to the ‘review content’ that the industry is putting so much effort into these days.When you tell chatgpt to create a review tens of thousands of different text reviews are automatically created.

So review content is still a unique domain for humans

But can these reviews really have a direct impact on consumers by converting them to purchase or recalling a positive product image? The results of my analysis of the data from ‘v-review’, which collects reviews such as videos, photos, and text Australia Phone Number List of actual purchasers, were surprising. The ‘source’ of the review, whether it was a real face or a deepfake image. Did not appear to affect the attractiveness of the content. What was more important than whether the review was created by ai or human was the sincere message contained in the review that resonated with buyers. The fact that the human domain still dominates review content proves this. Ai cannot produce authentic reviews while directly consuming and experiencing the product.

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