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Given the same Mortgage insurance is in the lead with a share of, follow by real estate , the balance of is account for by individual financial insurance. Interest in crit insurance accounts for of the overall demand structure. Changes in the economic environment traditionally have a tangible impact on the insurance industry , notes Vyacheslav Evseev, executive director of the Association of Managers. We hope that analyzing search demand and understanding how consumer preferences change over time will help insurance market participants adapt to new challenges.

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By studying search demand, we begin El Salvador WhatsApp Number List to understand how life preferences, vacation routes, habits and financial priorities of Russians are changing. All this requires updating strategies for promoting insurance products, ristributing advertising budgets, and possibly introducing new services and products. Alternatively, low demand for insurance for travel abroad can be compensat by the supply of policies for extreme tours in Russia.

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Despite the volatility, the Russian China Telegram Number insurance market has quite. A lot of potential, so the importance of promoting the insurance. Culture as a whole comes to the fore , emphasiz Evgenia Grunis. CEO of the Adventum agency. For referenceTo compile the repor. We us Yandex.Wordstat, a service that helps obtain information about Yandex user requests. For example, it allows you to find out how many people per. Month are searching for a particular phrase. And see queries that are similar in meaning to your phrase. Geography of data collectionall of Russia. The period for data analysis depends. On the start of data collection and is indicat in the captions to the slides. Requests are group by topic.

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