Google is ahead of the curve

However, Google soon caught up and plugged the main problems of low-quality links and mass-produced, low-quality content with the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. Today, it is easy to look at generative AI and believe these tools provide an opportunity to create lots of content quickly and grab a greater slice of organic search traffic. However, the battle-hardened Google of 2023 differs from the Google of old. High-quality and human-first content is already baked into the search algorithm, and recent updates have only served to confirm that. Google is ahead of the curve here, and we have already reviewed several sites that have seen recent dips in performance after helpful content updates, some with up to a 70% drop in organic traffic. 70% traffic drop.

Pop culture site targeting

Students 70% traffic drop – Pop culture site targeting students There was nothing wrong with this site. It was not spammy, but it also did nothing unique. It was just the same content you could Guatemala Mobile Number List pick up from several sources. Reviewing the losses, it seems that rankings were lost to sites that were more expert or relevant for the topics. This is an existential threat to sites of this manner that rely on organic traffic but only pump out relatively generic content that could be found on many other sites. If SEO is central to your marketing strategy, then sensible integration of generative AI, rather than full automation, is the only sustainable strategy.

What does Google want

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To understand what your content strategy should. Look like, we must consider what Google is trying to achieve and aim. At that. Fortunately, Google communicates fairly. Clearly what they Hong Kong Phone Number List want within. Their documentation on creating helpful. Reliable, people-first content. If you want to do a really deep. Dive, then take a look at the Search Quality Rater Guidelines (but at 176 pages is a somewhat time-consuming read). Fortunately, E-E-A-T summarizes the philosophy for the rest of us more concisely. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel here. But the key points are as follows: Experience: Personal experience should be clearly demonstrated in content.

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