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In Russia, the share of impulsive purchases is decreasing; in the world, there is a request to accompany users to purchases. It seems that this is still one trend towards very conscious consumption Marketplaces have proven their effectiveness, have taken a place in the mia split and have the potential for greater growth. But the work requires knowlge and experience on a specific site. And each of the stages (registration of a store, its content, product analysis, launch and promotion of the advertising campaign) will be full of surprises as long as brands do not have enough automation and statistics.

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Therefore, within Adventum we are Vietnam Phone Number List developing an independent direction for working with e-com. We will help brands. Is the marketplace suitable as a platform for promoting your product? To do this, you ne to analyze the niche, evaluate possible costs and potential benefits. Adventum does all this during a free consultation. How does the Amplitude product analytics service help BeriZaryad increase subscription conversion and ruce the time to detect problems? DECEMBER , ANALYTICS , CASES , ARTICLES AND CASES.

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The introduction of product analytics is now China Whatsapp Number especially relevant in all areas of business: due to high competition, companies are trying to develop the most convenient product for the audience in order to increase sales. And this cannot be done without user data. In many mium and large companies, there is an increasing ne to use the analytical system by different teams in order to ruce the time for obtaining data and avoid having to contact analysts once again.

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