How to know what users do on my website

Is my website menu us . Are users finding what they are looking for? What draws customers’ attention? How long do they browse my website? Do all users convert the same? These questions are some of the ones we need to answer to keep users in mind in every phase of web design and avoid constant restylings or re-designs. Monitoring how customers interact . Helps improve the overall user experience . And validates the ideas behind the design. There’s no better way to know how your site is being used . Than by watching a real user navigate through it . Data suggests that it only takes five users to discover 75% of UX problems . 

As we have already commented in other posts

 Google Analytics is the essential tool to increase the conversion of our website , making decisions based on the data generated by our users. In this case  we can use Analytics to detect when . Certain interactions occur on our website . Such as knowing which menu Country Email List sections are us in each section or if . The user downloads an informative document. To manage this control it is essential to use another Google . T ool called Google Tag Manager   commonly known as GTM. This application requires advanced knowledge of analytics and web development. If you are interest in implementing it in your business, you can contact us .

Web heat map

Heatmaps are used to obtain snapshots of the interaction of our pages . They indicate where the majority of your users are clicking, bouncing, converting, or what they do repeatedly. We will be able to detect sections of interest to enhance or flaws in the design 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers that generate confusion among users and share it with our design department or designer to plan and implement improvements. Some of the most common tools for these experiments are VWO or Crazyegg .

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