How to review your content

A/B testing AI makes it easy to create multiple versions of content headlines, calls-to-action or even an entire content piece and then use these to split tests for engagement. How to review your content Google has outlined what they are looking for with E-E-A-T and also provides a series of questions you can use to review your content at Google Search Central. Google certainly provides a comprehensive set of questions to review content. Still, for your average content writer or marketing team, this is almost an insane level of overkill that will tie you up in knots. To make this more actionable, I have created a simple set of 10 questions that covers the author, content, website and E-E-A-T and helps you ensure your content is something that Google will want to surface in the search results. Author Is it clear who authored the content? Is there detailed author information available? Content Is the content original, useful and substantive? Is the content different or substantially better than other pieces out there.

Does the content provide a new viewpoint

Or way to view the topic? Website Is the publishing website credible with a good reputation? Experience Does the author have first-hand experience on this topic? Expertise Does the author Peru Mobile Number List have demonstrable expertise on the subject? Authority Is the author (and or website) a known expert and source for this subject? Trust Is the page accurate and the facts reliable? You can also use tools like ChatGPT to help you answer these questions and find out more about the author, review the content, review competing content and much more. You just have to get creative in your approach, ask these tools questions and review the responses.

AI in SEO Intelligent assistance

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The obvious pitfall with generative AI and SEO is falling into the path-of-least-resistance trap. SEO history has shown us that these low-value. Approaches, while you may generate some. Small, transient wins, won’t win the more significant. Long-term battles. Instead of looking to automate. And dominate, use AI Estonia Phone Number List tools as an. Intelligent assistant rather than a complete means to an end. Automated content will never satisfy Google’s ever more robust criteria. Worse still, you will create nothing that Google can’t answer directly with their own Search Generative Experience, making your content irrelevant. By combining your expertise and experience with generative AI, you can create content greater than the sum of its parts and almost certainly greater than anything a generative.

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