How to Renovate Common Areas

Renovation or repair in common areas of apartments and sites. Are among the most curious legal issues. In this article. We have brought together the questions you need to know about the subject. Here is the subject of renovation of common areas in apartments and sites in all its aspects. Renovation and Repair in Site Common Areas. The legal regulation regarding the renovation. Therefore, Article of the Condominium Law In article regulation. Therefore, All innovations and additions that will make the common areas neater.  The majority in number and land share.”

How to Useful Innovations

In addition, in accordance with the  Denmark Number Data  Condominium Law. Providing the majority of the number and land share was deemed. Sufficient for useful innovations and additions. Therefore, to be made in common areas. Therefore, The regulation on this issue is regulated in Article of the Condominium Law. The issue in question. The article regulation is. Therefore, Flat owners cannot make any changes. The common areas of the main real. Estate on their own. All innovations and additions that will make.  The common areas neater or use them.

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Renovate Issues Requiring Unanimity

In renovations and additions  Estonia Phone Number List that require changes in the architectural. Project of the main real estate. How to the unanimous. Renovations. Additions or innovations in common areas. If a decision is made in accordance. How to the rates determined above. All flat owners will be responsible for. Therefore, the costs of these works in proportion to their land shares. Cordance with the project and technique. “Flat owners cannot make any changes to the common. Areas of the main real estate on their own. For example, building an additional floor.

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