Ukrainian business in Poland

The topic of entering Western markets and promotion remains relevant for Ukrainian business. The Polish market has significant advantages for entrepreneurs from Ukraine, primarily due to its close geographical location, similar culture and mentality. But where to start, what strategy and business model to choose, what difficulties may arise? To answer these questions, we invited an expert who already has real experience in entering the Polish market. Evgeniy CEO of an IT company Clever Staff, who specialize in developing software for recruiting automation, in an interview with Webpromo, explained the main secrets of successfully entering the international market,

How to gain the trust of a European client

And what difficulties may arise on the path of an entrepreneur who is starting a business or scaling abroad. Interview with Evgen Izotov, CEO of IT company Clever Staff Evgeniy Izotov, CEO of IT company Clever Staff Why Poland? First steps to Buy Bulk SMS Service enter the Polish market Did you plan to promote the company abroad before the start of a full-scale war? Even before the start of a full-scale war, we planned to implement an innovative update in 2022 Clever Staff gamification system for the recruitment process. This is real know-how in the field of recruiting,

There are no analogues in the world

And then scale up to the USA, UK and Europe, in particular Poland. We planned to enter the new market systematically and consistently. Introduce the product in Ukraine, conduct research, and then move on. Due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, plans and 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers strategy have changed. Why did you choose Poland to scale your business? Firstly, business has declined by about 30–40% since the start of the full-scale war. The unstable economic situation in Ukraine has forced us to make decisions to increase and develop our business now, without postponing it until later. Secondly, our target audience, in particular IT companies and recruiting agencies. Began to move offices to Poland and organize jobs there. Many Polish agencies.

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