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In the office You can receive materials by filling out the form via the link. The study of search interest in insurance products in Russia covers months from May to April . The most popular topic in the overall demand structure is the topic of car insurance. It accounts for of all requests ( million requests). In second place is interest in health insurance or million requests; the topic of life insurance collect and million requests. The overall dynamics of requests yearonyear decreas by. If we talk about car insurance, the leader of interest is the compulsory insurance product MTPL.

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Which accounts for of requests in the structure of demand in the segment. Another of interest was collect by CASCO and by Green Card. However, all groups of queries on the topic of car insurance show negative growth dynamics. The only exception Egypt WhatsApp Number List was the international analogue of the MTPL policy Green Card, which grew by yearonyear. Since March , interest in liability insurance for foreign car trips has been steadily increasing. “Green Card” still has high search demand, despite the ruction in the number of countries where the product is valid. Recent events have, in general, seriously affect the dynamics of all insurance products relat to international issues and travel.

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Thus, Russians’ interest in international Taiwan Phone Number health insurance decreas by yearonyear, insurance for those traveling abroad decreas by, and trip cancellation insurance decreas by. In the topic of health insurance, of queries were relat to compulsory mical insurance. General queries relat to health insurance and health insurance rank second and fourth respectively, accounting for and of interest in the topic. VHI is in third place with of interest. At the same time, VHI became the only product in the topic that demonstrat an increase in requests of. Property insurance includes three groups of requestsmortgage insurance, real estate insurance (apartment, house, cottage, plot, etc.), general requests for personal property insurance PI.

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