Introduction to GA4 custom dimensions

A feature you will want to remember once you have become familiar with GA4 operations is ” Custom Dimensions “. By using custom dimensions, you canIntroduction to analyze information with more flexible analysis axes. In this article, we will provide an easy-to-understand explanation of the outline and setting method of custom dimensions in GA4 with imagesWhen creating a report Introduction to with Google Analytics, the area to the left of the indicator is the dimension.

Scenes when you should use custom dimensions

As those who have already repeatedly performed analyzes using GA may be familiar with, GA has many dimensions preset, such as “reference source” and “device category.” Therefore, Since there are quite a Mobile Phone Number List number of dimensions Introduction to available, some people may think, “Isn’t there a need to go to the trouble of using custom dimensions?”

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If the numbers and data are still not reflected in the custom dimension, it may be that the data that matches the event parameter 1000 Mobile Phone numbers is simply not available. Let’s review the custom dimension settings create in GA4 and the trigger tag settings created in GTM.You can free up space archiving custom dimensions that are no longer neede. In addition, to delete parameters and collecte data, you can make a “data deletion request” from the GA4 management screen.

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