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Intuitive as in In technical research reports, researchers should provide specific information about the research process, including statistical analysis and sampling methods. Furthermore, the use of language is highly specializ and full of jargon. Examples of technical research reports include legal and mical research reports. Popular Research Reports A popular research report is intend for a general audience; that is, for individuals who do not necessarily have any knowlge of the research area.

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Intuitive as in A popular research report design to make Honduras Phone Number List information accessible to everyone. It is written in very simple language, which makes the findings and recommendations easy to understand. Examples of popular research reports are information contain in newspapers and magazines. Importance of Research Reports Knowlge Transfer: As mention above, one of the reasons for conducting research is to contribute to the existing body of knowlge, and research reports can make this possible. Research reports are a means of effectively communicating the results of a systematic investigation to everyone.

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Identify knowlge gaps: Through German Whatsapp Number research reports, you will be able to identify knowlge gaps for further enquiries. The research report shows what has been done while hinting at other areas that require systematic investigation. In market research, research reports can help you understand the market nes and characteristics at a glance. Research reports allow you to present information in a precise and concise manner. It is time-saving and practical because in a research report, you do not have to spend time personally detailing the results of your research work. You can easily email reports and make them available for review by stakeholders.

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