Kundal a brand that overcomes the red ocean with 50 scents

‘kundal’, a household goods brand rapidly growing toward krw 100 billion in sales. At a time when many e-commerce companies are going through difficult times due to the ongoing recession. There is a brand that is showing rapid growth. This is kundal, a household goods brand . Kundal has shown an 18-fold sales growth over the past five years in the daily necessities category. A ‘red ocean’ where many large companies are already occupying positions . And recently began working with v-review.

Brand Kundal seen through data

In addition to the product Denmark Phone Number Data expansion strategy based on 50 scents. What I felt was especially great was the ‘strictness towards oneself’ that the brand kundal has . Let’s first take a look at the tremendous achievements kundal is currently recording. In 2022, the sales of ‘duskin factory’.The manufacturer of kundal. Not only increased by 20% to krw 96.5 billion compared to krw 80.6 billion in 21. But also recorded an operating profit of krw 11.6 billion, an increase of 11.9% . ‍

 What brand is Kundal

the fact that operating profit has grown even in a recession shows that the brand has great potential. Since its establishment in october 2016. It has experienced a whopping 18-fold increase in sales after five years of steady growth. From krw 5.5 billion in 2017 to krw 96.5 billion in 2022 . As an exception, sales of hand sanitizers increased in Australia Phone Number List 2020 due to covid-19. Resulting in sales of krw 120 billion. However, based on the performance of pure brand products themselves.

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