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Our developers are perfectionists and never stop there. Therefore, the autumn for dataCraft was rich in updates and discoveries of new platform capabilities, which cannot be kept silent about! And now we are introducing a new section: a digest on platform updates. Digest of the most important innovations: 1. Even more data sources for deep analytics dataCraft has add support for working with data sources: end-to-end analytics.

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Pivot table updates The pivot table Qatar Phone Number List has been completely resign; now the new chart has become more convenient and functional thanks to new formatting options and an expand interface. end-to-end analytics 3. New sales funnel visualization Add a sales funnel chart that allows you to track customer journeys. The chart provides the ability to customize the order of events between which conversions are calculat. All standard system filters are also applicable to the chart, including time period and filtering by advertising source. end-to-end analytics.

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Inline filters have become more flexible. Add flexible settings for inline filters – you no longer ne to create the requir chart in advance. Now the Iran Telegram Number necessary filtering can be set directly in the dashboard iting mode. end-to-end analytics 5. New administrative panel The design and functionality of the admin panel has been completely resign – now it has become even more convenient to use. A tab with an error log has been add, which allows you to quickly respond to changes and correct errors. end-to-end analytics 6. Optimiz datasets The ability to build data sets from prefin sources has been implement. When building a set, a sales funnel and attribution model are set. In the future, this set can be us to build visualizations bas on it.

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