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Management associate Testing period – July-September Client Hals-Development is a major developer on the real estate market in Moscow. As part of the case, they promot the Cosmo  club house , a deluxe class project in a prestigious area of ​​the city. The target audience is wealthy family people, middle and senior managers, business owners. To promote the project for July , we us the format of brand placement in Yandex Maps. The developer ne to create additional touch points with potential buyers.

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The peculiarity of selling apartments Bahrain WhatsApp Number List in new buildings is that sales start at the excavation stage, so it is difficult for buyers to imagine what the finish house will look like. The developer want to give clients the opportunity to evaluate the appearance of the property, the surrounding area and infrastructure in a convenient format. Solution In July , Yandex launch a new placement format – a D layout for new buildings in Yandex Maps. D models of new buildings are shown when a user enters a relevant search query, as well as when they click on an object’s icon on the map. When you click on an object’s card, its three-dimensional image opens. Learn more about D layouts.

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Dmodel of the club house “Cosmo /The image can be rotat. View the D layout of the residential complex “Cosmo ” in Yandex Maps. Video of Egypt Telegram Number a D model of the club hous. Cosmo / ” To implement this mechanics, the developer nes to prepare renderings of the object and transfer them to Yandex to create D models. This is includ in the cost of placement: the more complex the model, the more expensive it is. For the most effective promotion in Maps, there is a filter “There is a D Layout” , which appears when searching for “Residential complex”, “Buy an apartment”, “New buildings”. The advantages of brand priority placement remain: Priority in search results.

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